Tsinghua IIIS Seminar
on Foundations Of Data Science (FODS)

A weekly online-offline hybrid seminar on mathematical foundations of machine learning, statistics and optimization.

Gratefully inspired by Online Causal Inference Seminar.

How to join

We will send announcements and Zoom invitations via e-mail. Please send your e-mail to ljw22@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn to receive the information!

More instructions for attendees can be found here.

Last Seminar Presentations

Please see the schedule here .

Upcoming Seminar Presentations

Most seminars take place Friday at 11:00 am, Beijing Time (UTC+8). Remark: the time may change to 8:00 am / 9:00 am / 5:00 pm. Please see the schedule here in advance.


The seminars are held on Zoom and last 45-60 minutes.

One can attend the seminar onsite in FIT, Tsinghua University.


Contact us

If you have feedback or suggestions or want to propose a speaker, please e-mail us at ljw22@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn.