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Preface - ARChip Name and Vision

ARChip the name is short for A: Alogirthm, R: aRchitecture, C: Chip. And the characters ARC are merged in the logo: A is the nose, which is very sensitive, and easy to adapt to the environment; a left-right reversed R is the head, which is very important as a framework; C is the chip in the brain part, which is the core in the group. Within the chipset part, some symbols of biology can be shown, indicating that we are a interdisciplinary group among algorithm, architecture, chipset and biology.

Human beings, for thousands of years, have been consistently pursuing two things: to have longer life; to be smarter. Here we focus on potential technology breakthroughs within decades. In our group, we focus on implanted devices to better monitor and even cure some diseases. We focus on using implanted devices to build brain-machine-interface to read the memories out and write back. We focus on all technologies that can enable true self-driving. We believe again odds and limits in the current technologies that tomorrow will be better than today.

Certain shifts in the technology bring with them a potential for revolution in human’s lifestyle or even the whole society. Just as the transition from wired to wireless telephones led to unprecedented changes in our communications and the shift from wall-power to battery-power transformed our expectations for computational systems, the shift from traditional logical systems to brain-inspired intelligent systems promises to fuel the next revolution in the artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

The importance lays in seeking the technological shifts in a vast of potential technologies before they are revealed by the broad masses of other researchers. To excavate them, I prefer the way of retrodicting the enabler technology through the future we envision and believe:

We envision that the self-driving technology can come true, which then can change the way we travel, the lifestyle we live, and even the housing prices of the city.

We envision that the robots with deep learning algorithms can learn things like human.

We envision that we can use 20W power to achieve human-like brain capabilities.

We envision that we can back up and restore memories.

We envision that we can control the things with thoughts, rather than languages.

We envision that we can communicate our emotions with other people through brain interface.

We envision that the implanted devices can fundamentally change the way of measuring medical parameters, and elongate the human life.

With these visions in mind, I come back from US. to China Tsinghua Univeristy in 2018 to found the ARChip Lab, where I believe in vertical research methodologies from algorithms, architecture down to chips.

I also believe that to realize these visions, we needs both efforts from industry and academia. And those explorations with long efforts are better to be done in universities.

If you believe in similar visions, you are welcome to join us !

Let's work together to build a better world !

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